Love Your Legs: The Top Hosiery Trends for Fall & Holiday 2012

Coton Fore tights by Philippe Matignon

We are really excited about the resurgence in the popularity of legwear. It was all over the designer runways and you couldn’t pick up a Fall fashion issue of the women’s fashion magazines wihout seeing great hosiery looks. In InStyle alone we saw ads for the world’s top designers showing legwear as an integral part of a woman’s ensemble for Fall/Holiday. Head-to-toe black is a key trend and designers are accentuating the ladylike glamour of the look with coordinated legwear in black or gray. Gucci showed gray sheers as did Dolce & Gabbana, which made a very strong statement for legwear in a spread that showed sheers, lace knee-highs and lace ankle socks on three models looking devastatingly chic in black. Tights are very hot, too, showing up in an ad for White House/Black Market in a black chevron pattern to set off the brand’s take on the black and white trend. Cute socks, meanwhile, were showcased in ads for Bottega Veneta and Tods. Longtime Pink Slip fans know we are big supporters of legwear. It’s the best accessory to show that you are truly stylish and we carry some amazing brands that have all the top trends covered. To be on trend for Fall and through the Holiday party season, make sure to have the following items in your wardrobe.

Matte opaque tights by Commando

Gray Tights
Gray has become a staple for fall. It’s a great neutral color that can be dressed up or down depending on the desired look of an outfit. Commando, the brand known for its minimalist, ultra-comfy underwear, has a great line of opaque matte tights with multifunctional appeal. They go with everything and take you easily from day into evening when you’ve got a busy day. They also strike the perfect balance between control and comfort, providing just enough shaping without it being overbearing. With its invisible-edge waistband and dig-free fit, Commando is a go-to brand for great style and comfort.

Lily Collant by Philippe Matignon

Patterned Legwear
A great way to add dramatic impact to a chic yet minimalist ensemble is to bring attention to the legs with patterned hosiery, a category in which Philippe Mantignon, one of our newest brands, excels. Philippe Matignon creates stunning hosiery that celebrates femininity with texture and alluring style. The collection has beautiful patterns in both sheers and textured tights. The brand adds whimsy to sheers with a delicate floral pattern in its Lily Collant sheers. The Coton Fore tights in a crochet pattern are a great option for jazzing up a simple outfit or a plain dress.

Jasmine thigh high by Philippe Matignon

Thigh Highs
Philippe Matignon is a master of adding a seductive yet elegant touch to legwear that dresses up a look and has a chic thigh high in a microgeometric pattern, called Jasmine, that makes a woman feel feminine under even the most conservative of outfits. We recommend wearing it under a chic pencil skirt paired with a crisp white shirt.

Lace garter belt by Hanky Panky

Take the sexy up a notch with Hanky Panky’s Lace Garter Belt. Trust us when we say you’ll feel like a Bond girl wearing it.

Knee-Highs and Socks
Last but certainly not least is the knee-high, a silhouette that has caught on with designers for its classic school girl appeal. It may be Rachel Berry’s favorite accessory on Glee, but it’s also a sophisticated style that has a retro allure worn with dresses or skirts. Knee-highs can be functional, too, and we couldn’t resist highlighting the Two-Timin'”Hi-Knee” trouser sock from SPANX, which defies gravity to not let you down all day.

Follow our lead and we promise you’ll be walking in style every day!


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