Sweet and Sexy with Eberjey

Picture a warm Sunday morning when sunlight pours into your house through windows open to a gentle breeze. It is the kind of morning where you have breakfast in bed while snuggling someone special, or you have time to enjoy a smooth cup of coffee out on the front porch, taking in the sunshine.  The qualities of a perfect morning—fresh, light, sweet, and bright—can also be found in Eberjey lingerie’s soft, sexy look.

            Eberjey knows how to balance sweet and sexy, using touches of lace and soft colors. The clean white and buff hues of the Pima cotton selections provide a fresh, pretty lingerie look. Because the Pima cotton sets feature 100% cotton linings, items like the Pima Goddess Softcup Bra will create a look that feels even softer than it appears.

            Eberjey especially comes to mind when we think of ideal mornings because of how perfect some of their pieces are for lounging. The Gisele Sleep Shirt is a game changer; it is sweetly sexy without going over the top, and can therefore be worn while preparing a breakfast-in-bed even if the kids are up and around! There’s no need to don an oversized, unflattering t-shirt. Look cute in front of your guy with this sweetly sexy nightshirt!



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