Trending: Bright & Bold

Nothing says summer like bright colors and less clothing. What better tie those two together than some sexy lingerie? Trending right now are bright and bold colors for the warmer season ahead. So ladies you can shove those beige panties in the back because you won’t need it again until winter time.  A new collection designed by Mimi Holliday, will have you sitting trendy in that office – and the best part is, no one has to know it but you.

Mimi Holliday’s pieces are not only versatile to transition from spring to summer, but it’s versatile for women of all shapes and sizes as well, because let’s face it, we can’t all look as good as these models. Whether you could use some extra padding or need more coverage, we’re like your best friend, The Pink Slip’s picks will support you. Finally, a pretty bra for women with big breasts!


The Woozie Fully Padded Super Plunge AND The Mimi Holliday L’Amour Super Plunge Bras

To all my petite friends, don’t be shy. Take the plunge and come out in style in these sexy bras. These bright and bold collections really give you a sexy lift. It’s warm out, so why not take the twins out (subtly) for a cup of joe. You’ll soon be sitting pretty, but don’t be afraid to let your straps show. Shop these looks here and here.

The Woozie Shoulder Bra AND The Bisou Bisou Cherie shoulder bras

Are we good or what? These bras are bright, fun, and super playful bringing you style, comfort, and full coverage for a busty you. Let the lace wrap your curves creating a sexy silhouette. Shop the looks here and here.

So brighten your day, or someone elses (wink wink) with some of my favorites at The Pink Slip.




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