Dressing For Gatsby’s Party

Glimpses of sparkling champagne and the twirling fringe of flappers’ dresses all add to the breathtaking 1920s glamour that graces the screen as the powerfully pounding beat of Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild” ushers in party guests dripping in pearls and donning sharp suits. The excitement soars with the sight of Leonardo DiCaprio’s compelling smile as his and Carey Mulligan’s characters enthrall us through the intense love story that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote for them in his The Great Gatsby.


And this is just the experience of watching the preview.


People everywhere are waiting in tortured anticipation for this movie, set to be released Friday, May 10th. The soundtrack has already taken storm, featuring songs by Kanye West, Jay-Z, Florence and the Machine, and Lana Del Rey.


One of the biggest impacts the movie has had even before its release is on fashion. The costumes for the movie capture the highest level of luxury and glamour from the Jazz Age.Catherine Martin, the costume designer and wife of the movie’s director, collaborated with Brooks Brothers to create several looks for the film’s male characters as well as to create the men’s Gatsby Collection, available now in stores for purchase.  


And not just designer fashion, but the 20s attire moviegoers will be decked out in as well. But they aren’t the only ones that went all 1920’s for this special occasion, we did too! So enjoy these Gatsby-worthy picks from The Pink Slip:


Eberjey Anouk Lace Culotte


This cream boyshort panty from Eberjey captures some of the same delicate femininity seen in Daisy Buchanan’s wardrobe in the film. The lace details and scalloped edges add vintage flair to the soft fabric. You’ll love the comfy fit of this panty under your flapper dress of choice! Shop the look.

Eberjey’s Giovanna Collection


This sheer mesh set is as rouge like a flapper’s lipstick of choice. The wide lace band adds to the comfort that Eberjey’s sexy lingerie is known for. The scalloped edges give the bralette a classic, feminine feel. Shop the look.


Philippe Matignon Lace Bra and Panty

This ultra-feminine lingerie look from will go perfectly under a white flapper dress. The high waist of the panty and lace make this look a roaring choice for a 20s ensemble. Shop the look.

Commando Beaded Back Seam Premier Tights


Show off those legs, flapper style. Make your legs look a mile long in this sexy beaded-back seam. It’s perfect under any 1920s attire, or any special occasion, so go ahead and flaunt what you got! Shop the look.

Samantha Chang Midnight Collection


This lace-trimmed high-waisted panty from Samantha Chang is a sexy way to channel 1920s allure. Pair the panty with the Midnight Strapless Lace Bra. The bra’s detailing will take your look up to the next level of Gatsby glamour. When dressing for the 20s, you can never go wrong with some sultry black lace. Shop these looks.

The Great Gatsby is going to leave audiences pinning for the glamour of the Jazz Age. Enjoy the film, the fashion, and these Gatsby-inspired looks!   





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