Message from Margo: My “MUST-HAVES” Blog Debut!

Dear Friends,

It’s been an exhilarating time as I transition from my shop at Grand Central Station to new opportunities. You, my customers, became my friends and I sincerely appreciate your loyalty, patience and especially your continued interest in my reopening. I will have exciting news for you… coming in 2013!

In the meantime, I am still here and I want to help in the same way as I did in the store! I am ready to dish out candid advice (sometimes whether you ask for it or not!), give you the latest and greatest tips, and offer honest styling suggestions. Through my blog on The Pink, my goal is to push you take risks with your lingerie wardrobe, help you to see your best assets, and hopefully making a connection with you.

When it comes to giving solutions to the fun and sometimes daunting world of bras and panties, I will guide you on sexy vs. comfort style choices, what brands to buy, what you “MUST-HAVE” and what you need to invest in as you build your lingerie wardrobe step-by-step. The “Margo’s MUST-HAVES” blog is full of curated picks for you at prices that will knock your socks off!

Weekly email newsletters from Pink Slip will continue with a new goal in mind: to introduce you to new ideas, products and brands in intimates, keep you current with favorite tried and true designers, and offer special incentives to get you to experience new things. I am always available with a team to help you feel and look your best, and flaunt your feminine side – be it cute, sexy, or empowering! However you chose to express yourself, do it so that it brings you joy and makes you feel fantastic!

Stay tuned for need-to-know lingerie news, monthly Pink Slip sale events in New York City, candid advice, as well as current trends and brands. Pink Slip is all about affordable luxury and real solutions for every woman!


Owner, Pink Slip
Author, Margo’s “MUST-HAVES”!
All-Around Lingerie Lover

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