Chère Maman

This is a tribute to all the moms who took care of us when we were younger, putting us through school and helping decide our career and who we want to be as a person. Well, we made it, and here they are, still, there to give financial advice, relationship advice, how to improve in our businesses, etcetera. Having a mother or mother figure is a necessity because there’s just nothing like motherly love. So here’s to you moms, for always being there.


This May 12, we celebrate with a little something extra. No not lingerie. Gifts for mothers are much classier than that, just like them. The Pink Slip will be stocking up with a whole new collection by Samantha Chang. The theme of my “must haves” for this post is all inspired by Mother’s Day. The fabrics are soft jersey and lace creating a feminine easy-care loungewear not only worthy of gifting this special occasion, but it’s also appropriately mom approved. And after a hard days work, they can throw on this comfy clothing and laze about.


Samantha Chang Lounge Robe


Perfect to throw on for a surprise Mother’s Day breakfast, this robe also comes in seven other colors. It’s great for traveling to and from your bed to the bathroom while you stay completely relaxed this Mother’s Day. I guarantee you won’t want to take off this cozy cover-up.


Samantha Chang V-Chemise


Why not feel sexy on your special day, subtly of course. This dress is great for a day of fun with the family, or even your girlfriends if your other half decides to take the kids for the day.


Samantha Chang Ballet Slip

Getting treated for a nice dinner? How sweet, we have the perfect ensemble for you. You’ll feel effortlessly sexy in this slick and elegant dress. Dad will be sure to notice.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the hard-working women out there taking on not one, but two jobs as a professional and a parent. Get ready for a full day and night of undivided, loving attention in these stylish and sensual looks.





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