Wardrobe Wednesday: Four lace bras that will add romantic allure to your lingerie collection.

Lace BraNo conversation about building the perfect bra wardrobe is complete without mentioning a lace bra. It’s without a doubt the most romantic piece of intimate apparel a woman can wear. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, I thought it would be very appropriate to discuss lace bras. Clearly someone had women in mind when they invented this dainty openwork fabric. According to Wikipedia, lace was prominent in fashion and home décor during the late 1500s. It was used to embellish collars and cuffs and was used by clergy of the early Catholic Church as part of vestments in religious ceremonies, but did not become widely used until the 16th century in the northwestern part of Europe. Lacemaking became a popular trade, spreading to North America in the 19th Century through missionaries. The invention of the bobbin net machine in 1768 caused a shift away from lacemaking by hand as a trade given the ability to produce lace more quickly. Handmade lace become more of a hobby as a result. Nevertheless, the history of lace is certainly ample evidence of why European brands excel at designing lace bras. It’s in their DNA. In fact, the three brands I’m going to recommend are all European.

Simone Perele’s Celeste triangle bra

In the soft bra category, I really like the Celeste Triangle Non Underwire bra by Simone Perele. It’s romantic, flirtatious and comfortable, providing light support and has a flattering triangle shape. The Celeste Triangle Bra is showcases the elegance and beauty of French Chantilly lace with stretch lace cups for a perfect fit.

Celeste triangle lace bra by Simone Perele

Celeste triangle lace bra by Simone Perele

Graciuse demi cup bra by LOU Paris.

LOU Paris, which has undergone a fabulous update, offers a pretty lace bra called Graciuse that I absolutely adore. It’s made using rigid French lace that doesn’t stretch so it’s a great style to wear for minimizing bounce. The flirty details include a satin bow and lacy trim. This is a brand new style in the collection that I predict will be a big hit.

LOU Graciouse lace bra

LOU Paris Graciuse lace bra

LOU Paris Picadilly Demi Bra

If you like a demi cup, check out the Piccadilly lace demi bra from LOU Paris. It features a semi-sheer genuine Leaver’s lace cup, with soft sheer mesh lining. A 3/4 vertical seam on the cup provides a natural uplift.

LOU Paris Picadilly demi bra

LOU Paris Picadilly demi bra

Mimi Holliday Angelique Jet Comfort Bra

British brand Mimi Holliday gives the French a run for their money in the lace bra category with the Angelique Jet Comfort Bra. Angelique Jet will make you feel sexy and empowered in a delectable combination of pure silk and intricate lace in an opulent onyx. It has a perfect combination of full coverage support, structure and beautiful detailing, creating natural cleavage. With its jet black lace cups and matching silk detailing, this bra is simply charming and gives great shape in all cup sizes.

Anqelique Jet bra by Mimi Holliday

Anqelique Jet bra by Mimi Holliday

Whether you prefer full coverage, demi or soft support, there’s always a place for lace in your lingerie wardrobe.



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