Wardrobe Wednesday: Why a pretty and supportive push-up bra can be an uplifting experience.

Push-Up BraFor the second installment of my bra wardrobe-building series for the New Year, I want to focus on the push-up bra. I like to think of push-ups in the same way I do about a hot pair of high-heeled shoes. They may not be the most comfortable garment to wear, but, let’s face it, they give us a highly desirable effect. You know what they say, we pay a price for glamour. It’s also about  how we feel about ourselves. What girl doesn’t want a little help now and then? Push-up bras produce different levels of enhancement. Depending on our personal taste, a push-up can give us a nice lift that supports and flatters us in a fitted top or dress or make us a strong contender for a part-time gig at the local Hooters. My point is that push-ups are like makeup for the bustline. Construction is important. On average, no two push-up bras are built the same way so it’s good to try out a few styles from different brands to find out which one offers the best fit for you. I have three brands that I like to recommend to customers depending on their needs.

The Little Bra Company

For small-breasted women, The Mercedes bra is a sophisticated petite demi push-up with medium padded contoured smooth cups for subtle lift and support, and hints of feminine lace detail. More side coverage offers attractive looking rounded lift. Perfect for scoop neck and lower cut tops. Although you still get the cleavage and push-up known from The Little Bra Company bras, the cups are slightly roomier with more elastic in the band. Please consider a size that is closer to your general bra size. This bra does not fit as snug as the other styles from The Little Bra Company.

The Little Bra Company Mercedes push-up bra

The Little Bra Company Mercedes push-up bra

Simone Perele

Simone Perele is a brand to turn to for a romantic take on most bras. The Amour Push Up Racerback bra features luxurious lace, romantic details, and a flattering fit. It’s designed with contour cups and progressive padding that enhance and lift. Embroidered flowers accent the wide-set straps and center gore.

Amour push-up bra by Simone Perele

Amour push-up bra by Simone Perele


OnGossamer has a trio of push-ups that offer variety in degree of uplift and neckline.

The Bump it Up push-up is one of the brand’s best-selling bras with seamless superfine mesh and a graduated push-up pad to create cleavage that bumps you up one whole cup size. You can twist the bra at the center for even more lift.

OnGossamer Bump it Up push-up

OnGossamer Bump it Up push-up

OnGossamer’s Sleek & Lace Scoop Neck push-up  has their deepest plunging neckline with cleverly angled cups and graduated push-up pads for maximum cleavage. It’s beautiful in silky, sleek fabric and a stretch lace back that adds the perfect touch of femininity.

OnGossamer Sleek & Lace Scoop Neck push-up

OnGossamer Sleek & Lace Scoop Neck push-up

If you’re wearing something without straps, OnGossamer’s superfine Mesh Strapless Push-Up bra overlays a push-up strapless pad to create a seamless look. It has lightweight silicone edging on the back to avoid slipping and is highly versatile with convertible straps.

OnGossamer Strapless Bra

OnGossamer Strapless Bra

As you build that new lingerie wardrobe for the New Year, don’t forget to include a push-up or two. They’re the perfect pick-me-up in more ways than one!



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