Full Disclosure: Expert bra-shopping tips from Empreinte for the full-busted woman.

Lilly Rose full-cup bra by Empreinte

Lilly Rose full-cup bra by Empreinte

I recently wrote a post offering bra-shopping tips for small-breasted women and it was a huge success. I’m very grateful that women found the information helpful and was inspired to do a similar post with the full-busted woman in mind. This led me to approach a brand that I consider the Bentley of bras: Empreinte. This 66-year-old French brand has a rich history of corsetry design dedicated to the luscious figures of full-busted women who have cup sizes in the range of 30 to 46 from C to H. As a chesty woman myself, I’m a big fan of Empreinte. Their quality, style and craftsmanship have never let me down, quite literally. And boy, are they gorgeous bras! No expense is spared by the Empreinte design team when they develop each season’s styles. If you love moulded lace, satin and tulle, this is the brand for you. Their bras are like works of art and they were recognized for their creativity in 2011 by the trade show Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, which voted the brand Designer of the Year. Empreinte’s spokeswoman Séverine Maisonnasse responded to my request for tips on how a full-busted woman should go about selecting the perfect bra for her size. She explained how Empreinte bras are distinguished by certain features:

1. The cups are made with rigid fabric to ensure optimal support and comfort.

2. Large cup sizes depend on strong bra straps to support a full figure and full bustline. For this reason, Empreinte’s bra straps have a low degree of elasticity.

3. Empreinte uses a full, closed underwire in the underside of each bra. A closed underwire is extremely slimming and slenderizing. Empreinte’s underwires are thicker and more sturdy than standard bras, ensuring they lie flat on the body and do not twist.

4. The specific fabric used for the back of the bras doesn’t stretch out of shape and therefore ensures a very supportive fit.

When shopping for a bra, there are certain steps a full-busted woman can take to ensure she chooses the best one for her:

1. Consult with a professional fit specialist to determine your correct bra size. The right bra size can make you look and feel slimmer. It will enhance your appearance.

2. Check your posture. A bra providing good support can improve your posture. Heavy breasts can cause bad posture and back problems. Straps with less elasticity and good support provided by the back of the bra, help keep shoulders straight to improve your posture. This also helps you feel more confident and comfortable.

3. Make sure that the centerpiece of the bra is correctly in place and lies against the skin.

4. In the right bra, your breasts are perfectly positioned. Look to see that the sides are flat and the bump is in the middle for a feminine look. The nipples should be positioned in the middle of the cup.

5. Check that the straps don’t dig into your shoulders, they should be wide, comfortable and supportive.

6. The wires have to fit well on the body. Move around a bit to make sure they don’t dig into you.

7. Make sure that the back of the bra is parallel to the floor to ensure that the size of the bra is not too big or too small.

At ThePinkSlip.com, we carry a wide range of Empreinte styles to cater to all the needs of the full-busted woman.

Full Coverage

The Maud Full Cup bra is a beautiful molded full cup bra in guipure lace and sheer embroidered tulle. The upper panel of the Maud Demi Bra rests beautifully with scalloped edges and corseted lace ties woven throughout. It’s designed with three-part cups that offer full coverage. Empreinte bra cups tend to run larger than most, so I recommend buying a size down if you are in between sizes.

Maud full-cup bra by Empreinte

Maud full-cup bra by Empreinte

Demi Cup

The Daisy Low Neck bra is a three-part, lightly lined underwire demi bra in sheer tulle embroidery and daisy printed satin. This bra is truly feminine with satin bows and straps, and soft scalloped lace edging. The three-part cup design helps push breast from the side, to center and lift comfortably with slightly more breast revealed at the top.

Daisy Low Neck Demi bra by Empreinte

Daisy Low Neck Demi bra by Empreinte


The Lilly Rose full cup bra features an elegant chantilly lace floral design across a three-part molded cup, with two-tone fabric on the bottom and sheer embroidered mesh along the top. This bra provides full coverage and eliminates cleavage with a high cut unpadded cup, providing a natural round shape that is sheer and sexy. The fabric of the cups is non-stretch for optimal support and comfort. Also features a leotard back that stays in place, restricted stretch straps to enhance comfort and an elastic underband for superior support. Button accent at center panel. Seamless sides ensure a smooth look under clothing.

Empreinte Lilly Rose Bra

Empreinte Lilly Rose Bra

Plunge neckline T-shirt bra

The Melody Plunge t-shirt bra is sexy and versatile. With convertible straps and a deep plunging neckline, this unique bra boasts amazing full cup support and coverage. The molded cups offer a round, soft shape in semi-sheer fabric coverage with a stunning floral motif.

Melody Plunge t-shirt bra by Empreinte

Melody Plunge t-shirt bra by Empreinte

Treat yourself to any one of Empreinte’s gorgeous premium bras and I guarantee you’ll never settle for less again. You deserve it!



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