A Thing for Thongs: The top five thongs that will eliminate visible panty lines and help you avoid flashing the paparazzi at a major movie premiere.

Eberjey Leonora Thong

Eberjey Leonora Thong

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about what happened to Anne Hathaway at the world premiere of Les Miserables in New York City last month. Anne’s stylist put together a very edgy all-black look, perhaps inspired by her recent turn as Catwoman in “Batman Rises,” which included dominatrix-style, high-heeled shoes peeking out of a sexy slit in her long dress. Unfortunately, Anne’s leg wasn’t the only thing peeking out when she made an awkward exit from a rather high SUV upon arriving to the red carpet, resulting in her flashing the V sign to a swarm of photographers. In this case, V did not stand for victory. The resulting photos traveled the world’s gossip sites in a millisecond and Anne’s PR team seemed to go into damage control as a report surfaced in The Daily News that sources “overheard” her explaining to a Vanity Fair editor that the incident was a genuine wardrobe malfunction. This may have been a way to deflect any jaded theories that the incident was an ill-conceived stunt crafted to advance Anne’s evolution from Hollywood ingénue to sexy leading lady. In this age of shock-tactics celebrity spin, anything is possible but I prefer to think that it was indeed a misguided attempt to avoid visible panty lines sabotaged by a dress that was challenging to maneuver in. Her team may not have seen it coming but boy, did the world see it going. This brings me to the subject of thongs. As a lingerie expert, I can’t hold my tongue on this one. I guess every woman has the right to go without undies occasionally but an A-list event where you will be the center of attention from the world’s photographers and entertainment media doesn’t strike me as the best time to go commando. You don’t need to be exiting an SUV or limo for this theory to apply. You can be sitting in a particularly low sofa at a party where you’ve been making eyes at a cute guy who’s returning your flirtatious glances from across the room. Suddenly you get up to give him a chance to approach you and your dress rides up, resulting in your very own Britney moment. Oops, if only you had worn a thong! I realize thongs aren’t every woman’s cup of tea but that’s why lingerie makers spent a lot of money on technology to create VPL-vanquishing seamless panties. I wrote about this topic back in November. For this post I want to concentrate on thongs because, God forbid you should have a wardrobe malfunction in public, you will have the security of covering your lady parts if you are wearing one. If you couldn’t care less, then you can stop reading at this point. If, however, you’re a modest gal like me who prefers to avoid VPL with a little help from our stringed supporters, check out these great thong options from the assortment on ThePinkSlip.com.

The Cute One from Cosabella

The Cosabella Cutie is an adorable thong designed in an ultrasoft, wide-stretch lace band with a seamless crotch panel that lies softly on the inside thigh for ultimate comfort. You’ll feel very girly in this one.

Cosabella Cutie Lowrider Thong

Cosabella Cutie Lowrider Thong

Be “Spotted” in Eberjey

The leopard thong from Eberjey’s Leonora collection is purr-fectly feminine in a soft jersey fabric. This may have been more in line with the Catwoman theme Anne’s stylist seemed to be going for!

Eberjey Leonora Thong

Eberjey Leonora Thong

Retro Chic from Hanky Panky

If you prefer thongs that provide extra coverage, try the Retro Thong from Hanky Panky, the masters of thong design. It covers your belly in a stylish lace design that’s a throwback to vintage glamour.

Hanky Panky Retro Thong

Hanky Panky Retro Thong

Dare to Bare in Simone Perele

An elegant yet seductive option that provides a feeling of barely-there support, the Celeste G-String Thong by Simone Perele offers mid-rise styling with elegant Chantilly lace that stretches to hug your curves. It’s sexy with a touch of romance.

Celeste thong by Simone Perele

Celeste thong by Simone Perele

The Next Best Thing to Going Commando

The folks at Commando had the brilliant idea of creating precision-cut underwear made from a patented fabric that lays smooth and flat on your body. The Commando Thong’s “naked” construction, without elastic or trim, eliminates panty lines and hip gouging forever. Basically, you’ll enjoy the liberating feeling of going commando without the risk.

Thong by Commando

Thong by Commando

If you’re planning an outfit for a special occasion, consider giving thongs a chance to save you from flashing more than a pretty smile.




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