Latin Class: CLO Intimo founder Claudia Ochoa shares the secrets of sexy Colombian style.

Sexy funny girl Sofia Vergara

Sexy funny girl Sofia Vergara

It’s no secret that Sofia Vergara is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood right now. The Colombian beauty is everywhere. If you’re shopping the aisles at Kmart you’re surrounded by posters of her modeling her fashion line for the retailer, which includes intimates, of course. In drugstores she’s fronting Cover Girl cosmetics and on TV she stars in Pepsi commercials when she’s not making America laugh as the lovable bombshell wife Gloria on ABC’s “Modern Family.” The hit sitcom exploded Vergara’s popularity in the mainstream U.S. but she’s been a hot property in the Spanish-language market for years. With her crossover, Vergara strengthened the trend toward a lush, voluptuous look that is a signature of many Latina women.  Aside from her knockout curves, however, Vergara has an innate sex appeal that Latinas, especially Colombian women, embrace with zest. Colombian lingerie brands are a hot trend in the market these days and I wanted to get some insight into their undeniable allure. I turned to one of the leading figures in the wave of Colombian style, Claudia Ochoa, the designer and founder of CLO Intimo, the elegant intimates brand that’s making waves in the U.S. with beautiful designs that bring out the siren in any woman.

Margo Andros: Claudia, what is it that inspired you to enter the field of lingerie design?

Claudia Ochoa:  While I was a designer in Medellin, Colombia and traveling to the U.S., a friend of mine told me that I should start a lingerie company. He felt that there were no “designer” lingerie companies at the time. Everything was either traditional or super sexy. That was before brands like Cosabella and Hanky Panky. It took me a while, but I finally got the opportunity to do it focusing on soft bras and ready-to-wear style designs, with an edginess and color that wasn’t seen in the market.

Margo: How is the CLO brand distinguished in the market?

Claudia:  Although it now sounds clichéd, I look at it from a woman’s perspective. To be sexy and colorful everyday for you, and not playing dress up for a guy. Your sexiness comes from your own confidence. I never look at what other people are doing in lingerie. I try to stay pure and look at nature and other art forms.

I create my line taking shapes and colors from nature. My new collection is based on Rio Cano Cristales which is considered the most beautiful river in the world. Until recently it was in guerilla territory in Colombia and only now is being discovered again.

Margo: That’s so interesting. With Colombian brands coming on strong, and Sofia Vergara’s superstardom, what are your thoughts on the mindset of the Colombian woman and her views on fashion?

Claudia: Colombian women are overtly sexual.  They put their bodies on display and hit you over the head with their sexuality. I try to take a little of that and nuance it to appeal to a more sophisticated Western women. Sort of blending French sophistication and Italian modernism with South American color and sexuality.

There has been a recent influx of Colombian brands on the trade show circuit because of the free trade agreement with the U.S. and the Colombian government that subsidizes their presence at several of the shows. Most of them are essentially Colombian brands trying to sell the same product that they sell in South America into the U.S. market. Some of it works, some of it does not.

Margo: Well, speaking from personal experience, we at Pink Slip love what CLO is doing and we’re curious to know what direction you’re taking with the collection for 2013.

Claudia: I’m happy to hear that, thanks.  I am adding new groups and increasing the amount of colors in the existing groups, some with a new color every month while maintaining some of the 365 colors. I’ve been experimenting recently with color blocking and gradient dying, which you don’t see much of in lingerie. I am also moving into some microfiber alternatives and loungewear pieces.

Margo: That sounds very exciting. I can’t wait to see the new looks. Thanks so much for the sneak peek!

Claudia: It’s my pleasure, Margo. Thanks for having me.

Now that we got the inside scoop from the expert herself, I want to share a few of the ultra glamorous looks that we proudly carry on from Claudia’s gorgeous collection.

Kali High-Waist Boyshort

Kali is a contemporary geometric-shaped collection in sculpted microfiber, accentuated in black or ivory tulle. The high waist boyshort has microfiber with see-through mesh on the front for an edgy look.

Kali boyshort by CLO Intimo

Kali boyshort by CLO Intimo

Kali Soft Bra

The Kali soft bra, in a geometric-inspired design, is a longer style with microfiber and see-through mesh for an edgy look, and adjustable criss-cross straps for versatility.

Kali soft bra by CLO Intimo

Kali soft bra by CLO Intimo

Fortuna Demi Soft Bra

Made with banded lace and tulle, CLO’s best-selling Fortuna collection is stunning as lounge wear, outerwear and lingerie. Most pieces are accented with semi-precious stones. The Demi Soft Bra has scalloped lace edges and spaghetti straps that can adjust to criss-cross in the back.

Fortuna demi soft bra by CLO Intimo

Fortuna demi soft bra by CLO Intimo

Fortuna Adjustable String Bikini

This unique bikini, in banded lace and tulle, adjusts toward the back so you never feel like it’s too tight. It’s a perfect blend of sexy and comfy.

Fortuna Adjustable String Bikini

Fortuna Adjustable String Bikini

Whichever of CLO’s feminine styles you choose, I promise you will look muy caliente (very hot)!



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