For the Boys: Ladies, explore your 50 shades of sexy by wearing the lingerie looks your guys want to see you in.

Lace opera gloves by Leg Avenue

Lace opera gloves by Leg Avenue

For the final entry in my Men’s Week series of posts I want to address the lucky ladies out there who have a thoughtful guy who is sweet enough to buy you intimates for the holidays. Actually, this post applies to any occasion during the year when you get lingerie as a gift from a guy. What happens when the intimates he selects are what he would like to see you slip on rather than the style you would buy for yourself? You know where I’m going with this, don’t you? You take one look at it — what little there may be to see or even hold — and think to yourself “I would NEVER wear this thing.” Clearly, your guy has an agenda and I’m here to tell you to get on that gravy train… now! There are plenty of women out there still waiting for Thanksgiving, if you know what I mean. It’s so hard to find a great guy with a sense of romance. Remember “Sex and the City?” I rest my case. Ladies, I urge you to meet him half way, put that sexy number on and be the pin-up girl of his dreams. Empower yourself by freeing yourself and celebrate how lucky you are to have a significant other who makes the effort to keep things fresh and exciting between you. It’s a gift in more than one way. I know some women find “playing sexy” an intimidating prospect. Not everyone aspires to be a Victoria’s Secret model and that’s perfectly fine. You still owe it to yourself to put forth your best effort and try a new look while remaining true to yourself. Remember, in the privacy of your home, you and he are the only ones who matter. You don’t have to wait for him to get you something “different” to push the boundaries of your lingerie wardrobe, either. This goes for the single gals out there, too! That said, I find it helpful for a woman who’s conservative to consider dipping her toe in the sea of sexy by trying new lingerie looks in degrees of daring. Given the phenomenal success of 50 Shades of Grey, I suspect that my Three Degrees of Daring is an approach whose time has come!

The First Degree: Keep it Simple.

Believe it or not, simplicity works with men. Sometimes all you need is a key new piece in your lingerie wardrobe to add a spark to your boudoir look. Black and sheer always work, of course, and I would recommend the Screen Goddess Slip from Lola Haze, which lets you be the main attraction in a revealing mesh silhouette that falls beautifully on your curves.

Lola Haze Sheer Goddess Slip

Lola Haze Screen Goddess Slip

The Second Degree: The Little Black Set.

Speaking of black, the theory about every woman needing a little black dress in her wardrobe applies to intimates, too. Black lingerie is just sexy, period. It’s the first thing I recommend to women who may be resistant to donning a full-on corset and garters number. The Little Black Set, consisting of a basic black bra, a panty, thigh highs and a garter, works well without going too far if you’re conservative. It’s easy to put together. Every lingerie brand has a black bra and I like Addiction’s Nouvelle full-cup bra with mesh and soft microfiber paneling.

Nouvelle full-cup bra by Addiction

Nouvelle full-cup bra by Addiction

A panty with a special detail, meanwhile, brings the eye to your womanly figure and adds zing to your style. Try Leg Avenue’s sheer panty with satin rhumba ruffle back or Mimi Holliday’s Angelique Jet Bow Back Thong, which has a flattering silk satin bow in back that literally gives him something special to unwrap this holiday season!

Leg Avenue Satin Rhumba ruffle short

Leg Avenue Satin Rhumba ruffle short

Angelique Jet Bow Back Thong by Mimi Holliday

Angelique Jet Bow Back Thong by Mimi Holliday

For the legs, Philippe Matignon offers sexy Nobless 50 denier suspender belt thigh-high stockings with sheer toes. Pair them with garter belts from Mimi Holliday or Simone Perele for the perfect finishing touch.

Philippe Matignon thigh highs & garter

Philippe Matignon thigh highs & garter

The Third Degree: Dress it Up!

You’re ready to tap into your inner Bond Girl and strut your stuff in a dress-up look with the works: corset, garters, sheers, you name it. This isn’t about having a so-called perfect body, mind you. If you’re an extra curvy gal or a petite one with a modest bust and have the love of a good man, you are perfect in his eyes, so go for it!

This season I’m very big on the three-piece Blush set by Leg Avenue, the masters in sexy lingerie looks. It pays homage to pin-up girl style with lace and a power mesh underwire bra with retro stitching and oversized elastic straps, a girdle skirt with attached garters and matching G-string.

Leg Avenue 3-piece Blush set

Leg Avenue 3-piece Blush set

So the next time your guy tries to coax you into wearing lingerie that you wouldn’t choose for yourself, meet him half way. If all goes well, you won’t be wearing it for long!




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