Basic Instinct: Guys, this is what women really want when they get intimate apparel as gifts.

Gift Ideas from PinkSlip.comThere’s a big assumption that when women get underwear as a gift they’re expecting it to be super glam, very expensive stuff. I’m not going to say that most women would turn down the latest luxury set from La Perla, but the surprising reality is that they do respond well to thoughtful gifts that serve practical purposes. So guys, don’t shy away from helping your ladies stock up on their favorite basics this holiday season. This week is Men’s Week at MARGO’S MUST-HAVES and we’re looking at the world of lingerie from a man’s point of view. Hopefully you read my post on Monday about the key questions you should ask yourself before buying your lady intimates as a gift. If not, check it out pronto! If you already have your “Lingerie Facts List” handy, however, you are ready to charge up some serious holiday cheer for your special gal. At this point I want to give you some tips on what works well based on my ten-plus years of lingerie retailing. When I say women like basics I’m not suggesting you buy a bunch of beige panties and wrap a bow around them. What I mean is that they appreciate practical gifts as much as they like the showy ones. The key, my friend, is to strike a good balance between practicality and “fabulosity!” This means a package gift. Instead of going for one over-the-top expensive item, get her a few gifts at different price levels that satisfy both her basic needs and her fashion sense. I’ve counseled men to do this for many years and they never failed to return after the holidays to thank me for steering them in the right direction. My magic formula includes dependable basics, cozy and cute items and one “wow” item. Here are some examples of gift ideas that fit into these categories very nicely.

#1 Dependable Basics.

Hanky Panky V-kini Panty

Hanky Panky V-kini Panty

Hanky Panky V-kini panty

Believe it or not, women don’t just need panties, they love them. Women who like fashion love to collect bottoms in all colors, shapes and styles. Hanky Panky has a loyal fan base that can’t get enough of their cute designs. Known for their epic thong, Hanky Panky created the innovative, and super practical, V-kini, which gives women the flattering look of a thong with the full back coverage of a traditional bikini. You can’t miss with this one, fellas.

Cosabella Cutie Lowrider Thong

Cosabella Cutie Lowrider Thong

Cosabella Cutie Lowrider thong

If you take advantage of Pink Slip’s “Buy 4, Get 1 Free” offer, make sure to include this adorable thong from Cosabella. It has an ultrasoft, wide-stretch lace band with seamless crotch panel that lies softly on the inside thigh for ultimate comfort and is fashionably low rise. It’s not called Cutie for nothing!

#2 Cozy and Cute.

Colette babydoll by Eberjey

Colette babydoll by Eberjey

Colette Babydoll by Eberjey  Designed in stretch-to-flatter sheer honeycomb lace, this romantic chemise flatters all body types by clinging softly and features a full skirt in super-soft fabric. It makes a dream-worthy nightie but works just as well as loungewear. Eberjey is an expert at designing intimates that bring the sexy in subtle ways. The Colette Babydoll has it all.

PJ Salvage Waffle Robe

PJ Salvage Waffle Robe

P.J. Salvage Waffle Robe

When she has a bad day, slipping into this cozy microfiber waffle robe from P.J. Salvage after a relaxing bath is the perfect tonic. Just imagine the two of you cuddling up in front of the TV with a glass of eggnog and a slice of warm apple pie. That’s what I call a classic American comfort moment!

PJ Salvage Owls in Autumn PJ

PJ Salvage Owls in Autumn PJ

P.J. Salvage Owls Pajama Set

Make her feel like a teenager again with the beyond-adorable Owls in Autumn flannel pajama set by P.J. Salvage. She’ll look so relaxed and cute in it, I imagine you’ll have quite a fun pajama party! Wink.

#3 The Wow Item.

Empreinte Lilly Rose Bra

Empreinte Lilly Rose Bra

Lilly Rose Full-Cup bra by Empreinte

The wow item has to leave her with her mouth wide open in surprise. It’s a statement piece that is beautiful, highly feminine and will stand out in her lingerie wardrobe. For this holiday season, I really like the Lilly Rose full cup bra by Empreinte. Designed for the full-busted woman, Lilly Rose features an elegant chantilly lace floral design across a three-part molded cup, with two-tone fabric on the bottom and sheer embroidered mesh along the top. In a romantic red and ivory color combination, it’s perfect for the holidays.

Go with any combination of these ideas and I promise you will hit all the right notes during the holiday season.



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