Shop Like a Man: Everything a guy needs to know to buy intimate apparel for a woman.

blogcreative3A man’s first time is very important. No, I’m not talking about THAT first time, I’m referring to his first experience buying intimates for the woman in his life. This is a rite of passage that means a lot to both the man and the woman and I feel compelled to address it in MARGO’S MUST HAVES to offer my take on how a guy can get it right out of the gate. In fact, this entire week’s posts will be dedicated to looking at the lingerie-buying experience from a man’s perspective. Ladies, you might want to pass this along to your men. Guys, listen up! Over the course of the decade I operated Pink Slip in Grand Central Station, I have to say some of my favorite, most memorable interactions were with male shoppers. As a woman, I can say that there are few things that can top shopping for women’s underwear as a thoughtful, romantic gesture that reveals the level of intimacy a man has achieved with his significant other. In other words, it’s a big deal, guys! Don’t let this intimidate you, however. With a little forethought, you can get it right and she will love you for it, trust me. Preparation is the key to making the process easy on yourself. This is where a good sales associate comes in. We all know that guys are visual creatures but judging the correct sizes of your gal’s undies by comparing her to other women isn’t going to get the job done. I can’t tell you how many times men came to my store eager to buy intimates, usually as quickly as possible, only to respond to my question about the woman’s bra size by glancing at my chest and saying “she’s a little bit smaller than you.” This approach may be good for a nervous giggle, but it will only guarantee that you’ll need to make another trip to the store. I always advised my male customers to find an opportune moment to take a sneak peek in their lady’s underwear drawer to examine the tags and write down the sizes as a first step. I want to point out that I’m assuming you’re married, living together or in a long-term committed relationship, otherwise I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to do this! That said, this information will help the sales associate guide you better in your shopping experience. I suggest you put together a “Lingerie Facts List” and be ready to answer five key questions that are the sure sign of a good sales associate who knows her stuff:

  1. What is her bra size?
  2. What is her panty size?
  3. What is her dress size?
  4. Is the gift for a special occasion?
  5. What is her personal style? Casual, wholesome, sexy or glamorous?

Remember that the sales associate is there to make your experience as relaxed as possible. She may ask you to describe your significant other’s hair color to select colors that are most likely to flatter her. It’s fashion so it can be fun! The more information you share the better the service the associate can give you. I want to point out that shopping for women’s intimates doesn’t have to be just an annual event. If a woman can buy a man a six-pack of briefs why shouldn’t he shop for her basics, too? If you reach that level of intimacy in your relationship it’s a beautiful thing! With the holidays upon us, I’ve put together a few suggestions to get you started.

Eberjey Giovanna Camisole

Eberjey Giovanna Camisole

A Romantic Camisole:

The Giovanna collection features flattering cuts and feel-good fabrics Eberjey is known for. The cami features pretty lace and eye-catching scalloped edging. It makes a great gift item paired with the Giovanna pant.

Levante Romantic Thigh Highs

Levante Romantic Thigh Highs

Sexy Legwear:

From daily staples to special evenings and sultry nights, Levante’s Stocking and Thigh High Collection contains items for every occasion. Levante thigh highs can be worn as hold ups or stockings, making them really versatile. The decorative three-inch lace top is lined with silicone to prevent slipping.

LOU Picadilly demi bra & shorty

LOU Picadilly demi bra & shorty

Lace Lingerie:

The LOU Paris Piccadilly lace demi bra features a semi-sheer genuine Leaver’s lace cup, with soft sheer mesh lining. It offers a natural uplift, has adjustable straps and is super comfy in silky microfiber fabric. Looks great with a cute matching boy short.

Mimi Holliday Tinkerbell bra & panty set

Mimi Holliday Tinkerbell bra & panty set

A sweet bra & panty set:

The Tinkerbell set by Mimi Holliday is a delicate and sweet look made from the softest of apricot silks blended with a chic shade of taupe. The Tinkerbell Super Padded Super Plunge is true to it’s name, creating incredible uplift and shape with cool taupe silk satin cups and complimenting peach lace overlay. Paired with the Classic Knicker, it’s a great gift ensemble.

I hope you guys like my suggestions. Be sure to check back later this week when I take a closer look at what women really want when they get intimates as a gift.



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