Cute & Cozy: P.J. Salvage designs fun and fashionable sleepwear that makes a great gift for juniors and the young at heart!

The weather in New York City has been strangely mild this fall, aside from the days when Hurricane Sandy hit us, of course. It’s taken a while for the temperatures to drop but just after Black Friday, we started to feel a bite in the air and the winds began to pick up. All of a sudden the last few leaves on the trees in my neighborhood, so beautiful in shades of gold and burgundy, have fallen off their branches, causing residents along the block to emerge with rakes in hand. Fall has finally arrived and winter is just around the corner. As the temperatures dip at night, people start to bundle up and if their favorite pair of pajamas are starting to look a little ratty then it’s time to stock up on some nifty-looking new ones. I think p.j.s are a great gift to give for the holidays, especially for young girls. They love fun, colorful fashion that makes a statement, even if they’re just hanging out in their rooms chatting with their friends, updating their Facebook profiles or tweeting away about Twilight or “The Vampire Diaries.” Out of all the brands in the market that do novelty prints, my favorite is P.J. Salvage, a line based in California that has developed a following among celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Felicity Huffman and Jack Osbourne. The brand is popular among stylists for TV shows and has been featured in “Ugly Betty,” “Desperate Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” just to name a few. Paying meticulous attention to every detail, P.J. Salvage prides itself in superior quality, luxurious fabrics and chic style.  If you’re on the hunt for great gifts for your sister, daughter or a friend, check out these super cute options from the P.J. Salvage assortment on The Pink

P.J. Salvage Scooter Stars Nightshirt

Scooter Stars Henley Nightshirt

The theme of this fun and fashionable V-neck nightshirt is traveling in style. Scooter Stars showcases a very cosmopolitan doggy enjoying an international scooter ride surrounded by the flags of Italy, England and The good old United States. It’s cozy in thermal/cotton/rayon blend. 

P.J. Salvage Monkeying Around nightshirt

Monkeying Around Nightshirt

Who doesn’t love a cute monkey? I guarantee she’ll go bananas for this pretty V-neck Henley nightshirt with a Button Front that’s covered in fun-loving apes just hangin’ out on tree limbs. The monkeys are even ready for winter in cute little knit caps and scarves. Adorable.

P.J. Salvage Doggy Drinks lounge pant

Doggy Drinks Lounge Pant

The designers at P.J. Salvage are real dog lovers! This velour thermal drawstring lounge pant is a good choice for the college student in your family (or maybe mom herself) since it does a hilarious play on canine cocktails showing different breeds with their most likely drink choices.  A Chihuahua is matched to Tequila, a Pug with Pinot Grigio and a Dachshund is rendered with a German beer mug. It goes great with a matching top.

P.J. Salvage Ski Jammies

Ski Jammies Thermal PJ set

Off to the lodge for a family ski trip? Don’t forget to take along P.J. Salvage’s Ski Jammies thermal p.j. set. These are cozy and soft in a cotton/poly thermal blend and have a cute little draw string to boot. The top is great for layering under a vest or plaid shirt for a ski bunny look.

Give the gift of warmth this holiday season and if you like any of these cute styles for yourself, go ahead and indulge yourself! I promise not to tell.



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