Take it Easy: Ditch the sweats and look more stylish at home in Eberjey’s irresistible loungewear.

Giovanna by Eberjey

As the pace of life quickens, we ladies tend to slow down when it comes to looking our best in the home. We work hard to juggle a lot of things in our hectic lives: work, family, love life (if we’re lucky) and an ever-shrinking pocket of free time. While we’re spinning so many plates in the air, it’s inevitable that eventually something falls between the cracks. In many cases, that thing is maintaining a sense of style while we’re lounging around the house. A woman might feel compelled to lower her fashion standards when she’s chilling in her abode after a long day of putting out fires at work or tending to the little ones but I’m of the mind that there’s a fine line between going casual and not making an effort, even if nobody’s looking. This is especially important if you’ve got a significant other. To me, a big part of feeling good comes from looking good and treating yourself to comfortable at-home wear that reminds you, and your loved ones, that you are a beautiful woman. A special one who deserves the best. When it comes to the best in loungewear, one of my favorites is Eberjey. This fabulous brand was created in 1996 by Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito with a philosophy that the layer worn next to a woman’s heart should express happiness, love and confidence. Years later, the ladies continue to design world-renowned intimates and loungewear that delivers on this mission in a big way. Join me for a little tour of just a few of the options in the Eberjey loungewear collection.

With a romantic name like Giovanna, you would expect glamour and elegance of design and Eberjey doesn’t disappoint. This top and pant ensemble, notable for its pretty lace and scalloped edging, is made in a jersey that feels oh-so-good against your skin. Available in a rich burgundy, which is so hot this season, it’s a look you deserve to treat yourself to.


This adorable camisole and pant are pure perfection, striking the perfect balance between cute, cuddly and downright sexy in its minimalist flair. How could gray sweat pants compare?

Gisele Sleep Shirt

Gisele Sleep Shirt
There’s something very sexy about tossing on your guy’s PJ shirt but Eberjey gives us our own boy-inspired shirt without letting our man forget we’re every inch a woman. The Gisele Sleep Shirt is a great option if you want more coverage than a nightie would provide yet want to forgo a full set of PJs. Styled as a button down with a chest pocket, it’s inspired by a man, but shaped for a woman.

Gisele Tunic

Gisele Tunic
By now you’ve probably guessed that the Gisele collection is one of Pink Slip’s faves. But really, how could we resist? Eberjey offers so many different silhouettes that let a woman relax in style and the Gisele Tunic is a case in point. Slightly exotic and most definitely comfortable, it’s a wonderfully glamorous piece with a pretty lace trim at the neckline, sleeves and hem. Made of Modal and spandex jersey, it’s heaven to get your beauty sleep in.

Lady Godiva Robe

Lady Godiva Robe
If we can’t get you out of your favorite tee, at least glam things up by slipping into Eberjey’s Lady Godiva robe. The super soft Modal/spandex jersey fabric will make you feel cozy and the romantic lace trim on the hem brings nice attention to your legs. As for the tee, we dare you to try one of Eberjey’s camis. You might never lounge in t-shirts again!

Don’t think we have anything against sweatpants, mind you. We just think they’re better left to those times when you’re working up a sweat at the gym. When you’re curling up with a good book, however, treat yourself to loungewear that enhances your literary adventure with comfort and style.


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