Trés Chic: The Pink welcomes the stylishly updated classic French lingerie brand LOU Paris.

LOU has a rich history.

I am very excited to announce that we have added a hot new brand to our assortment at The Pink Actually, it’s not a new brand at all, just new to us and new in spirit. It’s the fabulously fresh and contemporary new version of the classic French brand LOU. Like many of our storied American brands, LOU is an iconic intimate apparel company with a rich legacy of fashion and innovation dating back to the 1950s. The glamorous new site for the brand, now called LOU Paris, reveals that its beginnings are as romantic as the new designs suggest. The company’s founder, entrepreneur Andre Faller, was traveling on the famous Orient Express when he was charmed by the lovely Lucienne, a gymnast with a talent for dressmaking who designed her own lingerie. This chance meeting started an epic love story and marriage that gave birth to the LOU brand, named after Andre’s nickname for Lucienne. If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is.  The brand grew over the decades into a global icon, playing “supporting” roles in films starring French film goddesses Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau. Like those iconic women, LOU stood the test of time and is now a very on-trend collection that lavishes the modern woman with gorgeous French laces, premium fabrics and stylish designs. When I saw how the collection was updated, I had to have it. I predict you will, too. Our first assortment from the new LOU Paris includes the Piccadilly and Fee de Reves groups.


Piccdilly demi cup bra and shorty by LOU Paris

The Lou Piccadilly demi cup bra and shorty is a striking ensemble that has the classic, romantic appeal of semi-sheer genuine Leaver’s lace yet feels utterly modern. The bra’s cups have soft, sheer mesh lining with a 3/4 vertical seam for a natural uplift and adjustable straps. The sides, back and center panel are silky microfiber. The mid-rise shorty offers moderate boyshort coverage in lace with pretty ribbon detailing and delicate scallop edging. It’s a knockout look.

Fee de Reves demi cup bra and high waisted short by LOU Paris

Meaning “Fairy of Dreams,” the Fee de Reves group is dreamy indeed. The lace demi bra features semi-sheer floral leavers lace all over with vertical seam cups for a natural uplift and has double adjustable straps. The corset lace-up center detail adds a romantic flair I adore! Completing the look is a High-Waisted Brief providing generous coverage with retro appeal in elegant satin and gorgeous lace. It features alluring lace-up details in front and back, ultra smooth fabric at the bottom and back, and a beautiful loop trim detail.

LOU Paris Fee de Reves Shorty

The group includes a mid-rise shorty that offers moderate boyshort cheeky coverage in super sexy sheer lace with delicate eyelet scallop edging and corset tie detail in the front and back.

LOU Paris Fee de Reves thong

Last, but certainly not least, is the The Fee de Reves Thong in sheer lace with delicate eyelet scallop edging and corset tie detail in the back. After all, what would a sexy French line be without a thong?

I dare you to resist the new LOU Paris.




Expert Advice: Tips for finding the perfect bra for the small-breasted woman from Emily Lau, founder of The Little Bra Company

Emily Lau, founder of The Little Bra Company

I recently wrote a post about fashion bras for small-breasted women and wanted to explore the topic more deeply so I turned to an expert whom I really admire: Emily Lau, the founder of The Little Bra Company. Emily is a self-described late bloomer who wore ill-fitting bras for years until she worked with design experts to create the perfect-fitting bra for her petite body. She tested the design on some of her friends and got amazing feedback. In 2007, she launched The Little Bra Company and now it’s a go-to brand for women with small breasts who want bras that not only support them but make them feel feminine and sexy. Emily shared some valuable tips with me for MARGO’S MUST HAVES.

Margo Andros: Emily, tell me what distinguishes your bras for petite women?

Emily Lau: “The Little Bra” refers to both the fit and bust size. We specialize in hard-to-find smaller band and cup sizes including 28-38A, 28-34B, and 28-34C cups, The Little Bra Company’s bras are designed and cut on a petite scale to fit the smaller figure better. Although there are other push-up bras on the market, TLBC bras are designed to fit a smaller body type, giving her a better-fitting and more natural-looking curve. 

Margo: Who is your target customer?

Emily: She’s the woman who may be “little” up top, but still wants a bra that gives her lift and makes her feel feminine. When I get to personally fit my customers, it’s always so exciting to see their reactions. I get hugs and high-fives from women who thought they could never have cleavage. They tell me that they have never had a bra that fit the way a TLBC bra fits and they love them because it makes them feel pretty!

Margo: Can a woman with an A-cup get cleavage with your bras?

Emily:  I find that smaller-breasted women often resign themselves to wearing camisole bras or nothing at all.  They don’t even try wearing a padded bra. They just assume that they have nothing to push up, so why try. Since my bras are fitted for their specific body type, the padding does its job properly, giving them a comfortable fit and a bit of cleavage too.

Margo: Do you serve women with a AA cup?

Emily: Since our bras are designed and cut smaller in the cup and band already, we currently do not have AA cups in our collection. However, we do have a lot of AA customers who fit into our A-cups, especially in style E005-Angela and E004C-Lucia.

Margo: What are the important steps small-breasted women should take when shopping for bras?

Emily: I always give women five tips…

  1. Do the Scoop. Petite women often feel that because of their slighter frame this step is not necessary, which is not true. Doing the scoop is essential no matter your size. It allows you to find the perfect placement in the cup and gives you the best shape possible.
  2. Find out whether you have a wide-set or close-set chest. This is important because some cups are set close together and others farther apart. The shape of your frame will help you find your perfect style and size.
  3. Make sure your straps are adjusted and your band is parallel with the ground across your back, on the first hook. The first hook is very important because a band can stretch up to two inches with wear so you want to give yourself some sizing flexibility from the get-go.
  4. Look for contour padding, which allows for a natural shape and lift. It will complement a petite figure and allow for the perfect comfort, support and style.
  5. Find your favorite style. Half the battle in shopping for bras is feeling comfortable and confident in them. Finding a style that you feel good in, as well as flatters your form, is the key to enjoying bra shopping and wearing. Whether it’s a deep-plunge, demi-cup, wireless or one of the many other options, find what suits you and enjoy!

Margo: Thanks for sharing your expertise with us, Emily.

Emily: My pleasure. Thanks for having me, Margo. Congratulations on the blog!

So there you have it, straight from the woman who revolutionized the market with her personal mission to serve the small-chested woman. The Pink Slip is a big fan of The Little Bra Company and we carry a range of styles that satisfy your various fashion and fit needs.  Here are some of my favorites.

Mercedes push-up bra

Mercedes Push-Up

The Mercedes bra is a sophisticated petite demi push-up with medium padded contoured smooth cups for subtle lift and support, and hints of feminine lace detail. It has more side coverage to offer an attractive, rounded lift.  Perfect for scoop neck and lower cut tops. Although you still get the cleavage and push-up The Little Bra Company is known for, the cups are slightly roomier with more elastic in the band.

Isis convertible bra

Isis Convertible Bra 

Isis is an elegant and smooth push-up bra, with heavily padded demi-contoured cups to offer petite figures a boosted bustline. It also features a pretty tear-drop center detail in the front and has a flattering ballet back for ultimate comfort and support. The convertible straps allow you to wear the bra in multiple ways including racerback or halter.

Yvonne t-shirt bra

Yvonne T-Shirt Bra

Named Best T-Shirt Bra for Petites by Real Simple Magazine, Yvonne is sure to please with its amazing seamless look and feminine touch of lace detail along the back and straps. This gorgeous smooth-cup bra has contoured push-up padding for a natural-looking curve for a petite figure. Yvonne has versatile convertible straps and was designed for the petite customer who has slightly wider-set breasts.

Remember Emily’s great tips and find the bras that are perfect for you.



Cute & Cozy: P.J. Salvage designs fun and fashionable sleepwear that makes a great gift for juniors and the young at heart!

The weather in New York City has been strangely mild this fall, aside from the days when Hurricane Sandy hit us, of course. It’s taken a while for the temperatures to drop but just after Black Friday, we started to feel a bite in the air and the winds began to pick up. All of a sudden the last few leaves on the trees in my neighborhood, so beautiful in shades of gold and burgundy, have fallen off their branches, causing residents along the block to emerge with rakes in hand. Fall has finally arrived and winter is just around the corner. As the temperatures dip at night, people start to bundle up and if their favorite pair of pajamas are starting to look a little ratty then it’s time to stock up on some nifty-looking new ones. I think p.j.s are a great gift to give for the holidays, especially for young girls. They love fun, colorful fashion that makes a statement, even if they’re just hanging out in their rooms chatting with their friends, updating their Facebook profiles or tweeting away about Twilight or “The Vampire Diaries.” Out of all the brands in the market that do novelty prints, my favorite is P.J. Salvage, a line based in California that has developed a following among celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Felicity Huffman and Jack Osbourne. The brand is popular among stylists for TV shows and has been featured in “Ugly Betty,” “Desperate Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” just to name a few. Paying meticulous attention to every detail, P.J. Salvage prides itself in superior quality, luxurious fabrics and chic style.  If you’re on the hunt for great gifts for your sister, daughter or a friend, check out these super cute options from the P.J. Salvage assortment on The Pink

P.J. Salvage Scooter Stars Nightshirt

Scooter Stars Henley Nightshirt

The theme of this fun and fashionable V-neck nightshirt is traveling in style. Scooter Stars showcases a very cosmopolitan doggy enjoying an international scooter ride surrounded by the flags of Italy, England and The good old United States. It’s cozy in thermal/cotton/rayon blend. 

P.J. Salvage Monkeying Around nightshirt

Monkeying Around Nightshirt

Who doesn’t love a cute monkey? I guarantee she’ll go bananas for this pretty V-neck Henley nightshirt with a Button Front that’s covered in fun-loving apes just hangin’ out on tree limbs. The monkeys are even ready for winter in cute little knit caps and scarves. Adorable.

P.J. Salvage Doggy Drinks lounge pant

Doggy Drinks Lounge Pant

The designers at P.J. Salvage are real dog lovers! This velour thermal drawstring lounge pant is a good choice for the college student in your family (or maybe mom herself) since it does a hilarious play on canine cocktails showing different breeds with their most likely drink choices.  A Chihuahua is matched to Tequila, a Pug with Pinot Grigio and a Dachshund is rendered with a German beer mug. It goes great with a matching top.

P.J. Salvage Ski Jammies

Ski Jammies Thermal PJ set

Off to the lodge for a family ski trip? Don’t forget to take along P.J. Salvage’s Ski Jammies thermal p.j. set. These are cozy and soft in a cotton/poly thermal blend and have a cute little draw string to boot. The top is great for layering under a vest or plaid shirt for a ski bunny look.

Give the gift of warmth this holiday season and if you like any of these cute styles for yourself, go ahead and indulge yourself! I promise not to tell.



Black Friday is Fashion Friday: Ten great gift ideas for the holidays.

I don’t know about you but I’m so glad the holidays are here. The world needs a hefty dose of cheer right about now. We just emerged from a grueling presidential election, are recovering from a devastating hurricane and are facing a looming fiscal “cliff” unless our government figures out a solution by year’s end. Let’s face it, we’re stressed out big time. Still, the holidays give us an opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath and be thankful for the good things in our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to do that but we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to try. One of the best things about running my lingerie store for so many years was the interaction I had with customers who were buying gifts for someone special in their lives. Sometimes it was for a wife. Sometimes it was for a sister and, believe it or not, occasionally I’d get employers and employees buying for each other! Buying for others brings out the best in you. It’s good for the soul and it’s great for the economy, too. Intimate apparel and loungewear happen to be great options for holiday gifts. They’re pretty, useful and offer great value for quality. A well-made bra, pajama set or robe can give a woman years of use. For Black Friday 2012, the Pink Slip is offering 25 percent off all items on the site through November 25 so you have an opportunity to treat your loved ones to the most beautiful intimate apparel brands from around the world! To start you off on the right foot, I’ve come up with a diverse list of items that will satisfy the different needs and tastes of your friends and family. Some of them are cute. A few of them are sexy, but all are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season.

Comfy Gifts

PJ Salvage Waffle Robe

PJ Salvage Waffle Robe

What’s cozier than a plush robe? P.J. Salvage is known for using luxury fabrics and envelopes a woman in comfort in soft microfiber waffle knit with a satin trim.

Eberjey PJ set

Gisele PJ set

Eberjey is great at designing sweetly elegant intimates and loungewear and this pajama set from their Gisele collection is a sophisticated choice.  It’s inspired by classic men’s pajamas but sized and shaped with a feminine look in a Modal/Spandex jersey with contrast piping.

Cute Gifts

Lola Haze Embrace Cami & Short

Lola Haze Embrace Camisole

A woman can really get her girly on wearing this gorgeous romper that doubles as a cute top that can go with jeans or skirt for a cute day look. Designed by cutting-edge brand Lola Haze, its elegant, curved lace inserts on the sides highlight your own curves, while the silk charmeuse feels wonderful against your skin.

Eberjey Leonora Chemise

Leonora Chemise by Eberjey

Leopard print is always fun and this chemise from Eberjey’s Leonora collection is simply purr-fect! The soft and light A-line chemise in sueded soft jersey features stretch-to-flatter mesh, a lace neckline and an underbust applique.

Sexy Gifts

Arianne Jade Teddy

Arianne Jade teddy

Ravishing in red, this very flattering teddy from Arianne features rose and vine jacquard fabric in rich colors with beautiful lace accents along the bustline and leg openings. Underwire cups are lined with padding to gently enhance the bustline.

Arianne Marilyn Padded Bustier

Arianne Marilyn padded bustier 

This bustier from Arianne has bombshell appeal in delicate floral lace and boning for excellent shape and fit. It has underwire padded demi-shaped cups and a lace-up front for a vintage, sexy detail. The Marilyn bustier coordinates with the Marilyn Bikini to complete the look.

Romantic Gifts

Mary Green Satin Doll Kimono

Mary Green Satin Doll Kimono

Silk is always a sure bet for luxurious glamour and Mary Green’s Satin Doll Kimono delivers it big time.  This gorgeous kimono has scalloped lace trim, 3/4 length sleeves and sexy side slits on for a true satin doll look.

Mary Green Satin Doll Chemise

Mary Green Satin Doll Chemise

This silk stretch satin chemise is a great layering piece for wearing under the Satin Doll Kimono. It features a scalloped lace trim, gathered triangle cups trimmed with lace and a side slit. Cut on the bias with adjustable straps, it has a great fit.

Functional Gifts

Hanky Panky lingerie wash

Hanky Panky lingerie wash powder

The designers at Hanky Panky were kind enough to create a great alternative to washing intimates in soap or detergent. The Hanky Pank Lingerie Wash Powder is a gentle but effective fabric wash specially formulated to extend the life of stretch fabrics and delicates. It’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.

Nu Bra Feather Lites

Nu Bra Ultra feather lite bra

Nu Bra, the masters of creating solution products for intimate apparel, have perfected their adhesive bra cups for an item that’s a thoughtful stocking stuffer for the woman who likes to wear sexy dresses. The Ultra Feather Lite Bra is 70 percent lighter than Nu Bra’s original silicone padded gel cups and with fabric outer shell. It’s perfect for providing support under backless or strapless dresses.

I hope these suggestions prove helpful. Wishing you and your loved ones a great holiday season!



Treasure Chest: Three fashionable lingerie brands whose beautiful bra styles for full-busted women are as good as gold.

Empreinte Ophelia Corset

Exploring the topic of bras for large-breasted women is very personal for me. Not only did I sell high-quality bras in large cup sizes for years at my store in Grand Central Station, but I wear them every day so anything I say about the subject is near to my heart, quite literally!  Bras are some of the most technical garments in a woman’s wardrobe. They have many components that work together to support women so when you’re buying one, think of all its parts as a team collaborating to achieve one goal: your comfort. No single component should be doing the lion’s share of the work, mind you, so the best bras for full-busted women are the ones that strike the perfect balance between features so that functionality and comfort are achieved. A sense of style doesn’t hurt, either. Support is crucial, of course, to avoid strain on your back and shoulders so it’s important that the straps are set wide and the fabric on the sides should fit comfortably to keep the bra in place in the back so it doesn’t ride up. However, you don’t want the bra to fit too tightly, so be sure to examine yourself in the rear to conduct a dig test. If your bra leaves red marks on your back then you’re not wearing the right size for you or perhaps you should be trying a different brand. I’ve sold – and worn — some great brands that performed beautifully for me over the years, giving me great support and a long wear life. Two of my most dependable brands, Empreinte and Simone Perele, happen to be French. The lingerie trade in France really understands the needs of the full-busted woman and they support her in very sexy style. The third brand is a hot newcomer that I’m very excited about: Claudette. That said, here are my picks from their beautiful wares that support and flatter women with an ample chest.

Maud Demi Cup Bra by Empreinte

Empreinte Maud Demi Bra 

Empreinte has a rich history of serving the full-busted women with stunning designs and luxurious quality. The brand is the epitome of an investment piece, giving women lasting wear. The Maud Demi Bra is a beautiful molded underwire demi cup bra in guipure lace and sheer embroidered tulle. The upper panel of the Maud Demi Bra rests beautifully with scalloped edges and corseted lace ties woven throughout. Designed with three-part cups, a low neckline and wide-set shoulder straps. The brand’s cups tend to run larger than most, so I recommend buying a size down if you are in between sizes.  If you like corsets, I urge you to try their Ophelia lace style.

Simone Perele Romance Demi Cup Bra

Simone Perele Romance Demi Cup Bra 

I love the elegance of Simone Perele. The Romance Demi Cup Bra is a classic French demi with embroidered floral and lace accents.  It’s sheer and flirty, with microfiber on the sides and back for a comfortable and flattering fit. Romance features elegant double shoulder straps with floral accents and embroidered band. Available in cup sizes up to E, it’s both supportive and pretty.

Dessous Sucre bra by Claudette

Dessous Sucre-Leopard bra by Claudette 

For a lush, pin-up girl look, Claudette is hard to beat. The brand has lots of fun with color and patterns and offers cups up to size G. The Dessous Sucre-Leopard bra is wonderfully girly and retro and provides great coverage and support. The pink trim and center bow are a perfect finishing touch.  You might say it’s spot-on.

These bras so pretty and supportive, I hope you’ll invest in one or more to wear under your holiday party outfits. I promise you’ll feel like a goddess no matter which one you pick.



Petite Chic: How to brighten the holiday season wearing the prettiest bras designed for small-breasted women.

Kate Hudson is sleek and sexy in Glee.

Is there anything Kate Hudson can’t do? She acts, models for Ann Taylor and Almay and boy, can she sing and dance. Clearly having inherited her mom Goldie Hawn’s awesome talent, Kate is everywhere these days. She graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s October issue and is currently vamping things up as a sexy dance teacher on “Glee.” What’s especially great about Kate is that she has reached the heights in Hollywood without caving in to the pressure to fit into a cookie-cutter standard of beauty. In a town filled with gorgeous women, many of them surgically enhanced, Kate stands out with her bubbly personality, kewpie doll beauty and lithe dancer’s body. She hasn’t let having a modest bosom hold her back and tackles both romantic comedy and sexy roles with equal relish. When it comes to bras, small-breasted women everywhere can enjoy freedom of choice if they know which brands to turn to for their special needs. Although this isn’t a post about fitting a smaller chest (which I plan to cover soon in a future post), I want to discuss the style options available to the petite woman. With the holidays just around the corner, fashion bras are a good option for a gift idea and there are several styles in the market that offer varying degrees of support and shaping. The common denominator is that they’re super cute, especially in lace.

Lucia bra by The Little Bra Company

Lucia push-up by The Little Bra Company

For the woman looking for a boost, I recommend Lucia by The Little Bra Company, the specialist in intimates for petite women. LBC’s band size is cut smaller than other lingerie brands to accommodate petite figures. This pretty lace bra flatters smaller figures with a sexy, deep plunge. The lace extends past the contour cups along the shoulder straps and lays flat on the body, making it great for every day wear. It has a cute bow accent at the center and elastic straps that adjust in the back with brasstone metal hardware.

Cosabella Sweetie Bralet

Never Say Never Sweetie bralet by Cosabella

The designers at Italian brand Cosabella are masters at color and they bring their magic to the small-framed woman with the Sweetie bralet from their Never Say Never collection.  It’s wireless, but supportive at the same time, designed with Lycra stretch, which eliminates the need for a hook closure. I suggest you collect Sweetie in all of Cosabella’s great colors. Never Say Never, indeed!

Hanky Panky Lace Bralette


Hanky Panky Lace Bralette

Hanky Panky goes for the gold with this adorable bralette designed in a sweet sheer lace. It’s super comfy, offers light support and is designed to easily slip over the head, so it has no back closure. Pair it with one of Hanky Panky’s famous thongs and you’re set!

My Daily Bra by Samantha Chang




My Daily Bra by Samantha Chang 

This romantic style is signature Samantha Chang: highly feminine yet minimalist in its elegance. Sporting a V-neck plunge that’s sweetly sexy, the bra is wireless and supports with lined cups, adjustable straps and a back hook closure. You’ll feel eminently girly in its soft lace design.

OnGossamer Bump it Up push-up




Bump it Up push-up bra by OnGossamer

The Bump it Up push-up bra is well-named. It’s OnGossamer’s best-selling bra with seamless superfine mesh and a graduated push-up pad to create cleavage that bumps you up one whole cup size. Twist the bra at the center for even more lift!  It has a back hook-and-eye closure and adjustable straps.

You can’t go wrong with any of these great fashion bras for petites. Treat yourself to one or more of these cute bras and go out dressed in holiday style to work what you’ve got, just like the wonderful Kate Hudson.




The Merrier Derriere: Spice up your date night wardrobe this holiday season in sexy panty styles with a cheeky attitude.

Jennifer Lopez works her assets in her “Dance Again” video.

Blame it on Jennifer Lopez. Ever since this stunning Latina conquered the worlds of music and films with her leonine beauty and hourglass figure, a shapely derriere has emerged as a coveted new standard of feminine allure. There is no resisting JLo’s mesmerizing curves. She enthralled Ben Affleck, married crooner Marc Anthony and then charmed millions of “American Idol” fans. While JLo is genetically blessed, some of us have to work harder to accentuate the junk in our trunk. Women inspired by bodacious celebrities like Beyonce, Sports Illustrated supermodel Kate Upton and “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks are flocking to do squats and take kickboxing classes. Although I applaud the pursuit of personal fitness, I’m happy to note that there are other ways to flatter your fanny even if you don’t have a beauty of a booty. Many of the hottest lingerie brands in the world have created provocative panty styles for women of all shapes and sizes to highlight their best assets with whimsical details perfect to wear under holiday party fashions. From flirtatious boy shorts to imaginative thongs, designers are lavishing women with pretty laces, cute bows and daring keyhole accents to freshen up their intimates wardrobe.

Hanky Panky crotchless cheeky hipster

Hanky Panky Open Crotch Cheeky Hipster

Peek-a-boo! Our friends at Hanky Panky take the sexy up several notches with the Open Crotch Cheeky Hipster.  It’s designed in Hanky Panky’s signature lace and features an oversized back keyhole and bow for an additional surprise!

Colette lace boy thong by Eberjey

Colette boy thong by Eberjey

Eberjey takes the romantic route to sexy with the Colette boy thong, which is designed in stretch-to-flatter sheer honeycomb lace. It’s cut like a hipster brief in the front, but the thong back gives you a no-panty-line look. I love its flirtatious feel.

Mimi Holliday Confetti Bomb Bow Thong

Mimi Holliday Confetti Bomb thong

The Mimi Holliday brand is from Damaris, the United Kingdom-based company that created “bottom cleavage” with its infamous bow peep-hole knickers.  The Confetti Bomb Bow Back Thong is appropriately named, exploding in fabulous femininity with polka dots, silk satin, bows and lace. The flattering back bow can be re-tied and adjusted whenever necessary, giving your significant other something very special to unwrap!

Oh La La Cheri crotchless boy short

Oh La La Cheri crotchless boy short

If you prefer date night undies that combine elements of naughty and nice, I highly recommend the crotchless lace boy short by sexy underwear specialist Oh La La Cheri. This gorgeous short has a sweet vintage appeal in a stunning floral lace design yet adds a provocative touch with a corset-inspired tie back that is most definitely sexy.

I hope you’ve been inspired by this tour of fun and innovative styles that can add sizzle to your panty drawer. Free yourself to try something new and experiment with sexy undies that let you bare as much as you dare!